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Rhapsody Mazinga

Real name: Acid House
Current location: Ibiza
Credits: 5'869
Award Points: 7'640
Citizen days: 5'537
Joined: 18 Apr 2009
Last Visit: 21 May 2012
Total Forum Posts: 91
0% of total / 0.0164 posts per day
Tango Totoro (25 Sep 2011):
Rhapsody in Blue!
Chaniii Mazinga (8 Nov 2009):
Hai Rhap, I haven't seen you in ages.See ya sometime.
Ad Burritos (28 Oct 2009):
Your in Italy huh, i didn't know they changed the italien flag ;).
Rastabear Lebowski (8 Oct 2009):
Hi Rhapsody how are you doing? Thanks for being my first friend.
Brendy Harlan (24 Aug 2009):
Your avatar creeps me out.. :stare: BIG HEAD! BIG HEAD! :shock:
Brett Harlan (24 Aug 2009):
Hey Rhapsody, you're a pretty cool dude; you're kind and you aren't afraid of anything :-D! Peace out :-).
Trickman Svoltaire (17 Aug 2009):
Hey bro the time gows flying huh?
Maurice Risotto (17 Aug 2009):
WHAT UP My fav illegal program xD
Stim Smith (16 Aug 2009):
Is that Ryuk doing some weird dance?
Christa Burritos (13 Aug 2009):
Hey Rhap. Thanks for the comment.
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