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Belle Calothycos

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Current location:
Credits: 28'857
Award Points: 6'640
Citizen days: 5'510
Joined: 10 May 2008
Last Visit: 8 Dec 2009
Total Forum Posts: 0
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Zual Svoltaire (4 Feb 2012):
I'm your Cogsworth <3
Kareem Giffuri (10 Dec 2008):
Wow! Citizen of the Day! CONGRATULATIONS
Sobchak Lebowski (4 Dec 2008):
Hey Belle = ) Congratulations on Citizen of the Day! Best wishes, Sobby
Krunoth House (4 Dec 2008):
Hai Belle! [color=white:4dc7102926]Bella... Haha[/color:4dc7102926] Happy COTD! ^_^
Becky Mazinga (10 Nov 2008):
heyy im really bored so thought id leave u a comment loool thanks for being my friend, 'nd for listenin to me (i cnt remember if i've said this befor loool ohhh well lool) enyways thanks and Cory says hi xD lool byeeeeee Becky
Steveninski Burritos (24 Jun 2008):
ARGHHHHH A living person who is actually more awesome than me???? I know its hard to believe but its YOU!!! :x And believe me one day I WILL BEAT YOU in connect four, as of right now i am going into intense training so you shall not distract me!! [-X Well anyway until we meet again in the connect four arena of death :ninja: :ninja:
Blackbear Smith (20 Jun 2008):
Hey hey, first comment eh? Wonder why this hasn't been filled up yet. :wink: Anyways, you're good at those games, play you again sometime. :)
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