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Chaniii Mazinga

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Credits: 505
Award Points: 160
Citizen days: 5'456
Joined: 25 Oct 2008
Last Visit: 10 Oct 2010
Total Forum Posts: 922
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Klaudiamika Anderson (29 Nov 2020):
Zual Svoltaire (15 Feb 2012):
I miss my Chan Chan! <3
Cynthia Panzerotten (18 Apr 2010):
CHANIII, MY LOVE! You is baaaaack Omgomgomg, I'm like hyperventilating here. I'm so, so, [i:699d6c8c04]so[/i:699d6c8c04] happy We need to start dancing at the bar, glowing at the LL, playing T or D at the park, yayyy, it'll be so much fun ^_^ xx
Amey Brancacane (8 Nov 2009):
Hey Chaniii, you are a awesome friend and I love your new hairstyle :3 Amey <3 :)
Klaudiamika Anderson (31 Oct 2009):
Hey Chaniii love the new look. :3 You are an angel from heaven to me! :pray:
Cynthia Panzerotten (20 Sep 2009):
Chaniii:) You're an amazing friend.:) And an even more amazing wifey. Come online more often. Stay in touch. <3Loveyou.
Pepper Brancacane (5 Aug 2009):
Chaniii is just another definition of THAT'S HOT!
Pinkitypop Totoro (5 Aug 2009):
Hey Chaniii, you rock my socks! (Not that I wear socks..) Everyone loves you, you're an amazing friend! Thanks for being my buddy! (L).
Rhapsody Mazinga (4 Aug 2009):
How's going Chaniii cool new avatar.
Pepper Brancacane (1 Aug 2009):
You are really [insert a kind describing word here]. Look at this, Brendy sent it to me:[url]i31.tinypic.com/15mbawy.png[/url]
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