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Candice Totoro

Real name: Sophie
Current location: UK
How you doing?
Credits: 1'963
Award Points: 5'170
Citizen days: 6'100
Joined: 11 Aug 2007
Last Visit: 22 Sep 2013
Total Forum Posts: 1
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Shakil Simpson (29 Dec 2007):
hi its me shakil simpson just wanna say ur a grat friend
Bush Anderson (13 Dec 2007):
hi my love urrrrr so sweet wis u were always with me
Demon Burritos (25 Nov 2007):
YO! Just dropping by. NICE profile. :D :-.= 8)
Electric Simpson (25 Nov 2007):
hi its ur best friend electric and mcr is not ur best friend lol!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Angelo Risotto (23 Nov 2007):
Hi candice, YOU ROCK. Your the most sweetest, caring, fair, respectful, responsible, and loving person that I've ever met. Love you, bye
Sniper Smith (22 Nov 2007):
Candice something terrible has happened the tree has escaped and its after you :shock:
Vyvian Risotto (18 Nov 2007):
[size=18:287baab283][color=red:287baab283]I[/color:287baab283] hope [color=red:287baab283]they[/color:287baab283] name [color=red:287baab283]a[/color:287baab283] day [color=red:287baab283]after[/color:287baab283] you[color=red:287baab283]....[/color:287baab283]yeah, [color=red:287baab283]she's[/color:287baab283] that [color=red:287baab283]great[/color:287baab283] :wink: [/size:287baab283]
Jericho Giffuri (12 Nov 2007):
Hi Candice....It's Jericho...I don't Think I can Talk today...I have School I'm Really Sorry...I hope we can still private message.
Gregbear Simpson (6 Nov 2007):
Hey Candice^^
your a great belly dancer :wink: :wink: @->-->--
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