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Maurice Risotto

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Credits: 5'217
Award Points: 11'690
Citizen days: 5'861
Joined: 6 Feb 2008
Last Visit: 26 Feb 2022
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Grizzly Risotto (14 Aug 2009):
Dude Morty, what part of NJ do you live in? I'm in Jersey City. -Grizzly Risotto
Rhapsody Mazinga (28 Jul 2009):
Hi Marurice whats up. :3
Krunoth House (17 Oct 2008):
Happy COTD, OS! :3
Smoke Smith (17 Aug 2008):
[color=green:919d10fbe6][/color:919d10fbe6] hey bro wasup :) hoped u like the website i gave you :D :D :angry: :uhoh: :D lol got any good gf's lately XD lol
Warts Smith (27 Jul 2008):
Rock on bro! And don't think that you're not important to Warbears. Because you are 100% important to Warbears, you're as important as DX! Just remember DX RULEZ! And don't let a wall get in your way ](*,) lol get it? Wall. DX Head Leader ~Warts Smith~
Luigi Carpenter (18 Apr 2008):
He be my best friend from anothere site. Ask for details while supplies last! :mrgreen:
Neji Simpson (14 Mar 2008):
Challenge accepted! Prepare for a big defeat! :ninja:
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