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Jurgen Smith
Team Member

Real name: Chris
Current location: 19th Century Ganymede
Birthday: 22 Mar 1992
Age: 28
Credits: 12'964
Award Points: 20'650
Citizen days: 4'815
Joined: 19 Aug 2007
Last Visit: 17 Aug 2020
Total Forum Posts: 545
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Knyh Risotto (6 Apr 2020):
keelhaul this filthy landlubber
Tango Totoro (16 Feb 2020):
comment #85
Marshall Brancacane (10 Nov 2018):
"Ashimbledip, boatsman! Move your wooden shipwreck out of the way so that I may pass under the bridge!"

"Oh, but Sir! I am the Troll of this bridge, and my so-called shipwreck stands in your way not by accident, but for a purpose! You shall not pass!"

"Oh darn thee Troll! DARN THEE-E-E-E!"
Marshall Brancacane (9 Oct 2018):
Stingooo Totoro (12 Nov 2017):
i dont trust people called jurgen because jurgen backwards is negruj and it sounds too much like neckrub and i dont like my neck rubbed
Katz Giffuri (6 Jul 2017):
Chris Chross Apple-Soss?
Marshall Brancacane (5 Jul 2017):
Whopping colossal babe. <3
Maryjane Totoro (23 Jun 2017):
Maryjane Totoro (23 Jun 2017):
Scarlett Totoro (8 May 2017):
In all ways
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