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Celticwolf Svoltaire

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Credits: 148
Award Points: 8'170
Citizen days: 5'608
Joined: 1 Aug 2008
Last Visit: 12 Apr 2011
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Mrar Totoro (30 Nov 2009):
AHH Ze Hair Monstar!Wheres meh protection!?!?lol [url=www.warbears.com]CLICKY[/url] :D :D
Maryjane Totoro (7 Nov 2009):
Celtic you are my dog/wolf Wicth very much i love U treat marly and Shady nise like one of your own I like u much in a very nise way. I hope u and me See Somthing Special (not in the wrong way _ ) as we go troo life togther C- A charterics that makes me gigle e- Extra sweet guy l- lol in wicth u make me lmao t-the wolf i think draws good i-incredibale guy in real c- c's the good things in life and in me w- The way U make me feel o- O__O starer in a good way l- Lol's comes out of your motuh when i sing but i laugh anyways f- forever lasting freindship Me u marly and shady will always have
ur kool :P = ]
Marcinpl Simpson (29 Mar 2009):
you are :ninja:
Tristan Giffuri (19 Mar 2009):
Your hunger never ceases to amaze me... :uhoh:
Mietta Simpson (8 Mar 2009):
hay thx 4 being a gr8 friend and i like ur hospital ill see u soon
Puppylove Anderson (13 Aug 2008):
Hiya Celtic. U r a great friend. Try not to be like me (heck life) on here. All my friends will help u. Green, Blue, Venting, Zual, ect. will help u most. Maybe even my bro :-k .
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