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Dannie Mazinga

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Credits: 1'225
Award Points: 7'000
Citizen days: 6'143
Joined: 2 May 2007
Last Visit: 24 Oct 2013
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Dorkzilla Totoro (13 Sep 2009):
OUI. You still remember me! Oh the specialness I feel. :gringrin:
Madeleine Simpson (28 Nov 2008):
Its Funny How The [color=violet:317e9197f3]Pink[/color:317e9197f3] Painted side is not as messed up as the [color=green:317e9197f3]Green[/color:317e9197f3]Painted side Of Meh Hand =3
Dorkzilla Totoro (18 Nov 2008):
Yo Dannie :) Dorksei is hereee! :stare:
Madeleine Simpson (24 Oct 2008):
*Madeleine is a puma :3 *Madeleine eats meat *Madeleine Eats You![color=green:01cff20030][/color:01cff20030]
Elvis House (22 Jul 2008):
Dannie we all loove you we wıll mıss you :( Happy trails :3
Jinxxie Lebowski (12 Jun 2008):
hi!!! i cant come to the party because your house is locked :( :(
Shadowkill Simpson (21 Apr 2008):
Hope you like the PARTY!!! avatar :D
Lilmisslisa Simpson (18 Apr 2008):
soo..wait a min ur saying now u DON'T like him..lol :roll: :roll: sooo u don't like him ..well it will take alot of time for that 1! ](*,) .....u were rite about 1 thing that he never on!! or maybe he goes on maybe he got all u messages! and mine....hmm i wish it said on his profile it used to!..lol soo...wat we do now..??? :-.= :-.=
Lilmisslisa Simpson (10 Apr 2008):
how come u didn't rite bacc from dat last message ?!?!?!?!..... did i say somthin i didn't mean or are u just not comin on like come on do u still like demon i think yea do don't u if u want me to find out if he likes u!!=]....aww well just message me when u can kk doll rite cya!
Aniyah Anderson (31 Mar 2008):
so danster u havent been on lond i suspice(what ever that means) that ur trying to runawat from me but im gonna catch u and when i do i am gonna scream in ur ear WHACH OUT DO DO E DO HERE COMES THE FAT DINOSUAR DOEDDO the enddddddddddd this letter is contained as a waring! ur bff nayhay/aniyah anderson :heart: :heart: love u sista from another mista!!!!
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