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Tango Totoro
Team Member

Real name: Mark Twain
Current location: USA
Birthday: 1 Jan 1970
Age: -29
Credits: 7'309
Award Points: 26'300
Citizen days: 4'676
Joined: 2 Jul 2008
Last Visit: 9 Apr 2021
Total Forum Posts: 1'277
0% of total / 0.273 posts per day
Marshall Brancacane (17 Apr 2021):
I wish I was you.
Marshall Brancacane (21 Feb 2021):
I love you.
Ben Lebowski (10 Dec 2020):
comment #80
Klaudiamika Anderson (29 Nov 2020):
Knyh Risotto (15 Mar 2020):
Tango Totoro Quizaboom Team Member??? Jumble that around and we get.....

Im not a robot mega momz oboe Quartet

You're secretly four robotic mega mom oboists!!! THE CONSPIRACY IS REAL. DO NOT TRUE THIS MAN.
Marshall Brancacane (17 Feb 2020):
comment #77
Knyh Risotto (28 Jan 2019):
you're ok
Marshall Brancacane (10 Nov 2018):
If today was as dull as you, would it really be dull at all? You're not dull, but FULL of witty comments, and kindness that one would kill to have. Tango, I'm proud to call you my friend, I wish you the best. Stay fizzy, guy.

Is what I would say if you weren't, indeed, a dull NERD!
Joyce Carpenter (6 Aug 2017):
What's up, my sweet clementine? =P
Stingooo Totoro (17 May 2017):
weee tango
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