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Amey Brancacane

Real name: Amey Brancacane, duh.
Current location: United Kingdom
I'm not too sure on what to write so instead I'll leave you with a smiley face. :)
Credits: 4'190
Award Points: 3'520
Citizen days: 5'592
Joined: 3 Nov 2008
Last Visit: 23 Aug 2017
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Brendy Harlan (17 Nov 2009):
>:O Happy COTD, giiiiiirl-friiiiiiiend. :3
Chaniii Mazinga (8 Nov 2009):
Amey<3. I wuv you. <3
Pepper Brancacane (28 Sep 2009):
OMG B MY FREND LOLOL i <3 u mary me plzplz lol i beg u.. no? kklol
Cynthia Panzerotten (20 Sep 2009):
Hewo,Amey. It's been so long since we all glowed together. How 'bout we fix a particular day?Just us Bwesties.:3 The rest of them don't come online anymore,tho. ;[ Anyhow,I'll see you around,Ammerz. <3Loveyou.
Brendy Harlan (15 Aug 2009):
Yaaaay. x3
Spagetii Risotto (4 Aug 2009):
YAYAYYAYAYA I LIKE PIE Sooo here's a comment <Spagetii > Quizbot> Chart : Goodbye Quizbot Emily HAHAHAHHAH :ninja:
Pinkitypop Totoro (4 Aug 2009):
HEY YOU, YEAH YOU! I love you :3
I wuv you... P.s I've left lots of sweety's in this comment. :3
Pinkitypop Totoro (27 Jul 2009):
Hey, you need more freakin' comments. :) Amey<3 Amey's a great friend, there's just so much good stuff about her I can't begin to describe her, she's AWESOME. <3
Denisa Lebowski (6 Jul 2009):
Hi amey! sorry cause I wasn't online ... well I played a site called roblox. and also I finished the game Ahriman's prophecy. Well I guess I'll come back on warbears when ioji will finish the updates. Bye,I miss you and our group and my friends :(
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