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Deadalex Burritos

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Credits: 6'110
Award Points: 11'542
Citizen days: 5'997
Joined: 8 Jan 2007
Last Visit: 17 Nov 2012
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Krunoth House (3 Oct 2008):
Happy COTD, Dead! :gringrin: :3
Odetth Burritos (12 Aug 2008):
Hehe, look I gave you a comment! :D
Krunoth House (13 Jun 2008):
Heh, what a long name... I'll copy and paste it from now on xD :gringrin:
Kianna Carpenter (27 Apr 2008):
Dudee.. Kool Avatar! Never Seen A Fat Man Trying To Eat A Buger As big AS His HEAD!!!! p.s FATMAN IS SANTA!! lol :mrgreen:
Mcrfreak Simpson (19 Apr 2008):
Thats a baaaaaaaaaaaaad chicken..... xD
Pete Totoro (10 Mar 2008):
Mehehe,like your avvie xD
Warren Anderson (11 Jan 2008):
i wonder how many ppl there r in black shirts with our hair with random colored trousers/pants
Sunna Totoro (12 Dec 2007):
Dead-Alex Is Soooooo Cool "You Are My Best Friend" P:S Dammmmm I Am Not In Your Top 8 Friends ](*,) Wonder Why? :-k
Odetth Burritos (21 Sep 2007):
have you eaten any tacos lately? :ninja:
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