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Cody Harlan

Real name: Richard
Current location: England
Birthday: 24 May 1996
Age: 27
I got bored a few years ago and went on this site. :D
Credits: 2'624
Award Points: 17'650
Citizen days: 5'968
Joined: 21 Dec 2007
Last Visit: 30 Jan 2023
Total Forum Posts: 98
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Cody Harlan (13 Apr 2015):
3 years ago I was COTD. Damn.
Coolboi Harlan (13 Apr 2012):
Happy C.O.T.D C.O.D.Y! :P
Bishop Panzerotten (29 Dec 2008):
Hai Codfish, Not many people are on right now so I thought I'd send you this comment :wink: . Your A great friend who's supportive (Mostly :gringrin: ) and fun to talk to! Like your Cody bear (If this gets out of date the white and blue one). [color=red:da837cbf40][b:da837cbf40][u:da837cbf40]Bears united![/b:da837cbf40][/u:da837cbf40][/color:da837cbf40]
Jeanbean Harlan (13 Aug 2008):
whats up codemister (pronounced: code-my-ster) heard it on tv
Elite Giffuri (24 May 2008):
Hey Cody you rock man thanks for being my co leader dude
Gruff Burritos (18 Apr 2008):
You are cool dude :P
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