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Bombadill Smith (2 Aug 2013):
How do?
Samara Smith (19 Sep 2011):
I wonder how long it'll take until you see this. Probably a year, since that's when you'll next visit the site. But remember, a nice quiz beating will always be waiting for you :)
Sobchak Lebowski (22 Feb 2008):
[color=green:0a0bf05f4a]Sobbity leaves a bad comment, full of evil. He then ruins it by hugging Fuddles.[/color:0a0bf05f4a]
Fine, just you worship you beloved frog murdering Bear Grylls. tut tut tut tut etc =)
Niall Calothycos (28 Nov 2007):
Congrats, Citizen of the Day!
Xlorm Totoro (28 Nov 2007):
What!? :shock: thats twice now (COTD), blast ye fuddly one! I guess [color=violet:1b25f48390]grudgingly[/color:1b25f48390] congratulations are in order =D>, so well done.
Himanshu Anderson (1 Nov 2007):
happy hallowween
Himanshu Anderson (1 Nov 2007):
great avatar but the before one was so good i dont have a great word for it
Himanshu Anderson (27 Oct 2007):
hey whats up, anyways where do you get these avatars and how do you make them nice avatar it rocks =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> :D :D :D
Himanshu Anderson (6 Oct 2007):
great avatar
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