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Actionboy Smith

Real name: Riddo
Current location: In a dungeon
Birthday: 2 Sep 2014
Age: 9
Credits: 8'558
Award Points: 18'050
Citizen days: 6'135
Joined: 9 Jul 2007
Last Visit: 20 May 2023
Total Forum Posts: 1'941
0% of total / 0.316 posts per day
Tango Totoro (21 Apr 2017):
I may not have mentioned this but that's a nice avatar.
Funny Lebowski (24 Jun 2010):
That avatar turns me on.
Tango Totoro (19 Jun 2010):
Did I mention I love the new avatar?
Jefff Anderson (17 Mar 2009):
I'm a nudist! ^_^
Lilmisslisa Simpson (11 Feb 2008):
ok so i guess no more commenting?! :cry: rbs....rbs = right back soon :heart: from u firend miss lisa!
Lilmisslisa Simpson (23 Jan 2008):
um.......i don't now wat comment u righted to me coz i was not abale to get into my frinds soz!! or if u never even righted any thing to me then wat the crick :gringrin: lol hey me got in today but k k o guess wat well now when u were talking about ur dog well i (had) a dog but he bit my bro gd dogy gd lol my mum don't think it was gd bad mummy bad :gringrin: any way we took him to a home we did not put him down no way!!!!! o last time i saw u i i i i i i can't say :| lol bet u are wondering :-k :-k u will never now lol!! so.....um.....iiiiiiiiiiii nvm i wish i could tell u!.......i give u a hit! :idea: (first word begins wish) i (then) l (then)..... :idea: think man think i can tell u i just want u to get the answer right!! :^o ur kinda like me :^o lies! as if u dumb me not!! haha :oops: .........um....so ant way wat the crick with u any way o a-n-d..i think i look diff i reset (again again!!) lol :gringrin: right i should stup up now :-# de da de da de da de da (stuT up lilmsslisa) hey me not lil thank u very much (STUT UP!!( ) misslisa thank u! :heart: from me!
Lilmisslisa Simpson (12 Jan 2008):
omg when i saw u i thought i was going to die lol..... ](*,) so when nexts time i see u? :gringrin:
Lilmisslisa Simpson (9 Jan 2008):
hey! don't now if i make it every day!! :^o lol i try to getn threr on time! hey do u remeber wat i looked like?...no i reset today! omg i look a mes lol........don't now wat i should were lol :arrow: o well i wiull try to get there on time cool dude!!...u like ben 10 lol
Lilmisslisa Simpson (6 Jan 2008):
no u have to go to guest house today! not yesterday i am glad i didn't say yesterdat now!!!!lol :mrgreen: ......i thuoght u would remeber that l0l o well now u now! k gd cya!
Lilmisslisa Simpson (6 Jan 2008):
so are u still up for 4:00 o and (cool boy) comment me back k when u get this like 8) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :ninja:
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