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Dump Burritos

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Credits: 19'159
Award Points: 12'440
Citizen days: 5'595
Joined: 11 Mar 2007
Last Visit: 27 Dec 2012
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Anman Burritos (17 May 2008):
Congrats to your 200'th visit! :clap:
Mila Mazinga (14 May 2008):
#-o #-o :oops: sorry i sent the dumped message to the worng person it was for gogleeyes [color=red:615cee9154][/color:615cee9154]
Tatzilla Burritos (8 May 2008):
[color=indigo:96f68b50df]OMG UPDATE IS HERE! WOOOOOOOH! lol :P :gringrin: [/color:96f68b50df]
Dude, Dumo Means Poop .. just saying XD
Bam Anderson (18 Mar 2008):
hey it is me bam you are so cool from bam's friend
Pokopoko Burritos (26 Feb 2008):
I have found out that my ninja power's have been drained! Help!
Equisguy Totoro (21 Feb 2008):
You got a SWEEET AVATAR dump! 8)
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