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Neji Simpson

Real name: Justin
Current location: A Stupid Place
Birthday: 31 Dec 2012
Age: 11
The best times of my life. :D Thanks to all my friends on here. Hope to see them again. Got Skype if you wanna chat: DarkTooRandom_aka_Justin
Credits: 4'690
Award Points: 4'640
Citizen days: 5'851
Joined: 16 Feb 2008
Last Visit: 5 Oct 2014
Total Forum Posts: 600
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Liena Totoro (25 Jul 2012):
u suk
Toothfairy Carpenter (29 Apr 2012):
Neji! You're horrible.
Kidding, you rock.
But really, you're horrible ;P
Bjorn Harlan (1 Apr 2012):
You have been accepted into the Bjorn Appreciation Clan. Your appreciation is appreciated.
Tango Totoro (3 Mar 2012):
Awesomeeeee avatar. Brings back memories.
Tango Totoro (26 Feb 2012):
Not much bro. It's been a while since we've talked -- I look forward to seeing you in BTC again; we need to chat!
Rojoco Anderson (20 Feb 2012):
Hey Neji I remember you. Lol you joined just days before I did. Four years feels like a lifetime ago.
Liena Totoro (20 Feb 2012):
Hey, I know you. :3
Sniper Smith (17 Feb 2012):
Hey Neji its been a while I'm hoping warbears begins to pick back up as well
Tacobadger Burritos (16 Feb 2012):
Hey! Thanks for the wall message, I'm doing well, just doing schoolwork and the usual. Long time no see, what about you?
Hughmonclo Lebowski (19 Apr 2009):
Hey, its that guy.
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