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Johnathan Svoltaire
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Pepper Brancacane (31 Aug 2012):
JOHN! This is your first comment from 2012! AND IT'S LIKE SEPTEMBER?!?! Please omg... YOU NEED TO VISIT US ONE DAY OKAY
Tango Totoro (5 Sep 2011):
Words cannot describe how awesome this guy is.
Danalex Smith (24 Oct 2010):
Hello! I'm just leaving you a greeting:)...
Tango Totoro (17 Oct 2010):
He's back!
Bishop Panzerotten (30 Sep 2009):
Congrats on becoming a WBN Co-Leader, John! :)
Tango Totoro (15 Sep 2009):
Warbears' Logo Creator? Nice!
Jonathon Smith (18 Aug 2009):
Hey J1 Long time since I've spoken to you and i just wanted to say Hi. And tell Green that i was asking for her,and CSI misses her. and If she writes anymore songs be sure to Pm me.I thought her other ones she used to write were just Superb. Talk to you later ~Jonathon~
Latisha Panzerotten (10 Jan 2009):
Sup Dude whats up!? Oh i made up a new month watch January, Febuary March, April, May, June, July, august, September uhh ](*,) o yeah! Octorber ,Novmber ,December and Latisha. LOL! :D :D im thinkin of more :-k am i :? LOL im CRAZY!
Krunoth House (17 Dec 2008):
Congrats on getting COTD, Johnny! ^_^
Maurice Risotto (19 Nov 2008):
Senor can i use your toilet?~Maurice
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