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Real name: John
Current location:
Credits: 4'215
Award Points: 11'530
Citizen days: 6'165
Joined: 10 Apr 2007
Last Visit: 6 Oct 2011
Total Forum Posts: 675
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Daredevil Anderson (31 May 2012):
Man, I never talk to you anymore. Hit me up on msn; daredevilanderson@hotmail.com
Seeya around pal. :)
Hey! Great job, you got the COTD! Way to go! Man, I wish they had a thumbs up smiley. :gringrin:
Lunaraura Carpenter (11 Jun 2007):
yes mac, u r truly my gaurdian angel O:) so thanks a billion! :cry: dont worry, this is not a sad cry, i am just too happy that i met a friend like you! ^_^
Mochi Totoro (19 May 2007):
Mac in text form: *Awesome dude *Great taste (ya orange? ya orange?) *Sweet! Good night hugs! *Stays up so late (Get to bed why are you reading this?!) just to say good night *And last, but most, great friend! You are amazing, my friend. <3
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