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Pip Panzerotten
Official Comic Maker
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Joined: 8 Apr 2007
Last Visit: 18 Nov 2021
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Pepper Brancacane (14 Feb 2019):
I used to love your comics on WB, I wonder what you're up to now? Miss you!
Roxie Bauer (4 Aug 2017):
first comment of 2017 whats up noobs im here to give you a commenting on peoples profile speedrun strat first you gotta find a friend everybody likes but forgot about thn you gotta comment on their profile thats all for now thanks guys bye remember to like comment and subscribe bye bye
Brett Harlan (21 Sep 2013):
Hey man, time is crazy
Tatzilla Burritos (31 Aug 2011):
Uhh, hey loser. Long time no Warbears? (:
Xeean Smith (10 Oct 2008):
Hi Pip! Long time no see! How are you? Wish your alright! :D See ya around. Anyways can i be in your Comic too? :D THANKIES!
Mattaio Anderson (4 Oct 2008):
Yo dude awsome comics! U ROCK HARD!!! also uhhhhh OUCH! i bit my tounge. #-o
Jefff Anderson (20 Sep 2008):
awesome comics Pip YOU ROCK!
Ben Lebowski (16 Sep 2008):
I waited about three minutes looking at your avatar, but then I was met with disappointment. :( :gringrin:
Li Burritos (17 Aug 2008):
Congrats for your comics dude =D
Omega Totoro (17 Aug 2008):
awesome comics wooooo!!!
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