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Joseph Carpenter

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Credits: 314
Award Points: 11'460
Citizen days: 5'884
Joined: 20 Apr 2007
Last Visit: 28 Oct 2011
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Tango Totoro (5 Sep 2011):
Your comics are among the best I have ever seen!
Ninja Panzerotten (20 Mar 2010):
Dump, brother Joseph! DUMP!
Hayuki Smith (5 Oct 2008):
what do u mean by that!? :angry: :angry: thats because we dont get the same online together ......nvm i just .........grrr :angry: nvm just get online ok am online always and am busy tell me how to make comics
Hayuki Smith (1 Oct 2008):
hi u havent online and i havent seen u i might break a ](*,) .....so how was the comics and am mad :angry: :uhoh:
Jackdaw House (8 Jul 2008):
I love your tub apartment, you little genius! :clap:
Kinky Simpson (15 Jun 2008):
Hey mate! Have you still not done A.R Xmas? Get on it and get some points!
Miley Smith (3 Aug 2007):
WHEN ARE U EVER GOING ON????? :evil: :x
Lual Lebowski (28 Jun 2007):
How is the ice melting going? =P
Lual Lebowski (5 Jun 2007):
How is the psi going? =P
Matthew Svoltaire (5 Jun 2007):
Hey man... Love your comics! Hope you make more!
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