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Earnie Harlan

Real name: Kyle
Current location: United Kingdom
Birthday: 6 Jun 1997
Age: 25
Credits: 2'264
Award Points: 7'120
Citizen days: 5'646
Joined: 12 Oct 2007
Last Visit: 19 Jun 2022
Total Forum Posts: 6
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Lilmisslisa Simpson (28 Jun 2009):
Woww . . . Longg Timee No See D: i Neverr See Yhee Onn AnyMoree ? I'll Hardlyy Onn Eitherr Rite Enoughh.. :P Boredumm Has Tookk Overrr :-k _____Ritee Backk x_____
Lilmisslisa Simpson (10 May 2008):
omg!! did u see bedtimecity!! omg!! look it has diff places and u can change ur outfit omg the bad bit is i want to wear shoes...awww well cya soom i hope :P.....xoxoxoxoxoox love lilmisslisa! xoxoxoxooxox
Lilmisslisa Simpson (14 Mar 2008):
sup!! where are u when was da last time a saw u...?? PLZ COME ON hehe... any ways wdc any thing new..?? :-k :-k right bac soon..!!!
Lilmisslisa Simpson (4 Mar 2008):
lol i thought for a min dat u and michal were in a group.....with guns!!!lol but it look like u are not (any more) he changed his avatar boohoo!! rbs.....(right back soon)...just in case...lmao! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: only jkin!
Lilmisslisa Simpson (14 Feb 2008):
i just looked at ur profile and i have more friends dan u!! lol o and i woulda new u woulda had a gun in ur avatar....o and did u copy michal on it lol or did he copy u? lol! :P :D 8) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: .....hahaha! rbs!
Lilmisslisa Simpson (30 Dec 2007):
hey open ur door man!!
Michal Anderson (29 Dec 2007):
Your cool man 8)
Lilmisslisa Simpson (23 Dec 2007):
ok ok i will leave u alon just i said don't report that so bad....well it might be to u but he is my bro...just wanna be there for him he aways there for me plss don't report plss [-o<
Amir Anderson (16 Dec 2007):
if u support man u!!! then well done
Lilmisslisa Simpson (9 Dec 2007):
omg did u see my mnew look come omn soomn.......o' amnd guess wat.....i vboy came imn today amnd said he was u lolzz i was like wat ever love from lisa
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