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Daredevil Anderson

Real name: Jaime
Current location: It's a place where you can dance completely naked
Birthday: 24 Jul 1997
Age: 26
All my links: https://allmylinks.com/trashtakuj
Credits: 1'046
Award Points: 18'630
Citizen days: 5'915
Joined: 16 Dec 2007
Last Visit: 14 May 2022
Total Forum Posts: 1'643
0% of total / 0.278 posts per day
Warren Smith (8 May 2022):
Don't blame me, I totally just wanted to give someone else a chance to take the first comment for 2021. And also didn't think you would check either
Warren Smith (31 Dec 2020):
Last and first comment of 2020
Warren Smith (1 Jan 2019):
First comment of 2019 and probably the last comment of 2019
Warren Smith (5 Jan 2018):
First comment of 2018
Warren Smith (20 Jun 2017):
Your wall is now flooded
Tango Totoro (1 Feb 2017):
Do you think you can pollute everyone's wall and not suffer the consequences? Well now BTC is back, and you're in trouble kiddo.

To everyone reading this: if you have been victimized by Daredevil Anderson, now is your time to retaliate. Flood his wall with comments. Make him pay.

Make him suff
Miniman Mazinga (10 Jan 2017):
How dare u
Warren Smith (9 Jan 2017):
I tried to go to quizaboom and then I got disconnected and can't get back in
Warren Smith (2 Jan 2017):
2017 is mine
Warren Smith (7 Sep 2016):
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