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Danyel Brancacane

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Credits: 614
Award Points: 4'390
Citizen days: 5'760
Joined: 18 Jul 2008
Last Visit: 14 Sep 2008
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Zual Svoltaire (22 Aug 2008):
Danyel why did u leave like that? is there something wrong?
:) u rock ! =)
Maurice Risotto (12 Aug 2008):
Hi mrbiggles XD
Maurice Risotto (9 Aug 2008):
Hey danny just stoping by to say hi lol Love ya!Lol(as a friend)
Clair Panzerotten (1 Aug 2008):
whazzzzz up????? computers dead brained and strained of memory but i still think of it as a blessing disguised as a problem hope it's fixed before the first of july but promissing nothing because its the first of august and the problem is sticking around wishing it was gone praying it woud leave and go home but now its bigger than me and now i must leave... WASNT ISNT THAT GOOD???? i like it its beautifully weird rymes but dosent still AMAZING!!!!!
Zual Svoltaire (25 Jul 2008):
Now look i said i was from a world of cartoons *Cartoons* is Pikachu real ? no is Katara real ? no is Zual real? no but the fact is ther were many heroes that were made up Mickey Mouse Bugs Bunny Goku Superman the list is endless ther heroics were not lies i wanted to share *my* story with u 1 of my closest frends i wanted u to share the experience i had my story will be a legend just lyk many others if u dont want to hear em then fine i wont bother u with them but lemme remind u asked *me* to tell *u* a story ok im done wen u read this i want u know i am not mad at u i just want u to understand wehre im comin from Sincerely Zual Sinto Svoltaire son of Pikachu and Katara *and proud of it*
Zual Svoltaire (21 Jul 2008):
6mil wowza thats somthin BOW TO MEEEEEE :shock: :D :angry:
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