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Bauaba Udon

Real name: Jackson
Current location: United States
Birthday: 1 Jan 1990
Age: 34
Join me on www.roblox.com, PLEASE!!
Credits: 873
Award Points: 2'230
Citizen days: 4'320
Joined: 27 Jun 2012
Last Visit: 15 Feb 2020
Total Forum Posts: 5
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Chartees Svoltaire (27 May 2013):
Can you be online more?I think I might have to kick you out the Agency.
-Director Chartees
Chartees Svoltaire (21 Jan 2013):
Incoming transmission from BTC agency:Agent.Give to us all your info about the BTC agency and we will not harm you or your pathetic Director Chartees.
Chartees Svoltaire (21 Jan 2013):
*in it it says:*
Dear agent.If you are reading this it means I'm still alive and well.My location is (This part is Droused with ink)please hurry and if you get any transmissions don't beleive it.It's a trick.My captors are taking over the agency system.Hope you get help.
Chartees Svoltaire (1 Jan 2013):
Happy New Year!
Chartees Svoltaire (1 Jan 2013):
Agent Movesammy is eliminated

Chartees Svoltaire (23 Dec 2012):
BTC agency closed for safety.Thank you for your concern agent.

-The BTC agency system
Chartees Svoltaire (19 Aug 2012):
Agent,I see you know Bloom.Well she is now an enemy so be careful...
Chartees Svoltaire (16 Aug 2012):
Hello?I can't remember but I can't trust anyone this month...I have been taking a close eye on others because my cover is blown.Thank you.
Zac Nachos (30 Jul 2012):
how many times did you have to say that Sophie?
Bauaba Udon (23 Jul 2012):
hi comment me allot
ok and dont talk to funkiee
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