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Homer Simpson

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Credits: 2'506
Award Points: 15'610
Citizen days: 5'999
Joined: 7 Jan 2007
Last Visit: 12 Jan 2012
Total Forum Posts: 2'295
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Gregbear Simpson (18 Nov 2007):
Lolz the only reason I'm not higher than youis because you've visited warbears more, I beat you in mission 1 and 3, our mission 2 is the same
Jim Lebowski (26 Oct 2007):
Hey....that avatar confuses me......Yeah.
Mark House (21 Oct 2007):
whiltshire's a country!
Leo Panzerotten (29 Sep 2007):
dude you're awesome and hilarious :gringrin:
Mark House (25 Sep 2007):
[b:327db3533d]one of the many things mark doesnt know[/b:327db3533d]: if im such an idiot why is he still my freind?
Schuyler Totoro (25 Sep 2007):
u r a friend in need and u r my friend indeed! :D
Mark House (22 Sep 2007):
dude you a year above me! :(
Mark House (18 Sep 2007):
homer, homer simpson hes the greatest guy in history! from the, town of springfield, HES ABOUT TO HIT A CHEST NUT TREE!!! [b:cba345e759]AAHHHHHHHH!!!![/b:cba345e759]
Zeewonk Burritos (27 Aug 2007):
U R FAMOUS!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :oops: :oops: :oops: <3 <3 <3 :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh: :D :D :D
Chantelle Mazinga (15 Aug 2007):
fun and very funny is all can think of
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