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Walt Anderson

Real name: Will
Current location: MA/NC
Credits: 2'204
Award Points: 15'180
Citizen days: 5'667
Joined: 19 Oct 2008
Last Visit: 29 Oct 2020
Total Forum Posts: 146
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Walt Anderson (12 May 2015):
Hey! Hit me up with a message if you see this. It's been so long since I've been here and the nostalgia is hitting me really hard. I check my messages every once in awhile and I really want to talk to some of you guys again.
Zual Svoltaire (23 May 2012):
Happy COTD Waaaaal E <3
Skaterboarder Totoro (29 Sep 2011):
or whatever your name is....
Skaterboarder Totoro (29 Sep 2011):
hey walter, or donny.
Tango Totoro (5 Sep 2011):
Walt! I miss our talks in the bar.
Skaterboarder Totoro (11 Apr 2009):
y0 Mini Movie might, MIGHT come out this week, IM GOING TO GUITAR SCHOOL ON NYC!!! :D
Mrpoma Burritos (3 Apr 2009):
That's it? 204 gumdrops.. Plus a candy corn... :wink: That's right..
Mrpoma Burritos (2 Apr 2009):
Ya ya, crisis :3 I could pwn you at DDR... I'll bet you 50 gumdrops. That's right, be afraid.. :shock:
Mrpoma Burritos (2 Apr 2009):
Great, you're broke. Go get a job, while you're just lying there in your coffin. :o
Mrpoma Burritos (1 Apr 2009):
Maybe there's some money left in your wallet.. >_> <_< :shock:
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