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Neonmatt Totoro

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Credits: 2'457
Award Points: 11'560
Citizen days: 4'275
Joined: 25 Jul 2008
Last Visit: 10 Mar 2013
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Cheelsea Lebowski (29 Sep 2010):
matt.. i miss you. You never come online anymore, not when i come on anyway. Come back soon?:( <3.
Cheelsea Lebowski (9 Sep 2010):
hey matt:). im back! had a good holliday, cant wait to see you next time your online:D. missed you, see you soon.
Cheelsea Lebowski (10 Aug 2010):
[color=blue:00565f8f3f]Byeee, i will miss youuu<3333. ;D :uhoh: [/color:00565f8f3f][size=24:00565f8f3f][/size:00565f8f3f]
Cynthia Panzerotten (17 Jun 2009):
Aw,my matteh :3. How're ya? :gringrin: Btc gets pwetty bowing without you. COME BACCCCCCCCK,Matteeeeeeeeeh. You're our Little kid muffineh buddeh. and our GB buddeh. ^^ Me and pwinkie love you Everyone misses you. I hope your ban gets over soon :[ <3 <3.
Amey Brancacane (25 May 2009):
Hey my mini awesome Ebil buddie :D How are youuu? NINJA!!! :ninja:
Amey Brancacane (18 Apr 2009):
Hai Matt =D Have a look at my avatar >=3 Yours is awesoem :D
Cynthia Panzerotten (24 Jan 2009):
Are you still fighting with you'r hacker friend George? Btw,What you said to him was RUDE. Anyway,This comment isn't a lecture,I just want to tell you.. I LOVE EDWARD. And you can't change it,And It's time you started loving or atleast NOT Hating him now ;D. Everyone loves Edward,Change yourself.=]. Hehe. I'm really bored and I miss you guys Bad. =[.=[. Message me back,I dunno why ,But I'm not being able to recieve comments.xD. <3Cynth.
Cynthia Panzerotten (27 Nov 2008):
I feel Important, Part of your profile picture and all :gringrin:
Cynthia Panzerotten (10 Nov 2008):
Aww.. Really sorry you are banned =[ Seeya whenever you'r time is up. Miss you. :3
Cynthia Panzerotten (1 Nov 2008):
Hai Matt, Thought i would leave you a quick comment. Thanks alot for being such a great friend And i wanted to tell you that you are very cool.=] :3
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