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Hannahann Giffuri

Real name:
Current location: U.S.A
Birthday: 17 Apr 1994
Age: 30
I am a second year in college (scary thought). I love Jesus Christ with all my heart. I love photography, playing my cello, and reading bunch of love stories. I have some amazing friends in real life and Warbears. Just get to know me better through talking to me and being my friend. <3
Credits: 4'522
Award Points: 13'070
Citizen days: 6'030
Joined: 20 Oct 2007
Last Visit: 25 May 2015
Total Forum Posts: 25
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Bloom Brancacane (2 Aug 2012):
Congratz on Teh Citizen Of Teh Dayz =) Veray guud, vvell doone
Ellie Cola (2 Aug 2012):
Congratulation on getting COTD<3
Grizzly Risotto (31 Jan 2010):
YAY!!!! Good job on passing your classes. Was it hard? Haha, I hate finals, but MIDTERMS are worse!!!!
Grizzly Risotto (25 Jan 2010):
Hannahann!!!!! A lot of us miss you! You haven't been on in so long. That's okay. Do your business, I'm busy too. Maybe you when you come back on you can go to the website I put up on my profile... I'm sure you'll like it considering you're a cellist. LOL. I like the video because I heard my fellow peers from Third Street Music School play it for their Orchestra concert. It was beautiful! Anyway, have a good week/month/year/everything else. Happy New Year too! :P :D :roll:
Grizzly Risotto (10 Oct 2009):
Hey Hannahann... I just wanted to say that I haven't seen you in a while and I'm starting to miss you. I have to take the PSAT on Oct 17... I have to get into high school! Well, I guess that's it... Love always, Grizzly
Grizzly Risotto (14 Sep 2009):
Hey, Hannah, I get to come online only when I don't have HW, but it's only for, like, the first week or so. Okay, I just wanted to let you know. See ya soon! :D
Grizzly Risotto (13 Aug 2009):
Thank you for telling me I'm a good friend. You're a great friend. I'm glad you're one of mine! :D
Dorkzilla Totoro (8 Jun 2009):
Hardeehar. Hey hannah! Nice avi. You're not shy at all though! :3
Krizia Smith (18 Feb 2009):
can u get some friends for me????hahahaha its ok but were always ff i mean best friend forever
Pinkitypop Totoro (25 Oct 2008):
hello! :gringrin:
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