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Denisa Lebowski

Real name:
Current location:
Credits: 1'174
Award Points: 10'580
Citizen days: 6'092
Joined: 19 Aug 2007
Last Visit: 29 Dec 2009
Total Forum Posts: 32
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Dragonaxe Anderson (3 Sep 2012):
Hi Denisa,please come back to warbears I miss you :D
Rindy Totoro (11 Apr 2012):
Hi Denisa if your still playing warbears write me a pm, i missed u ;p
Spagetii Risotto (1 Nov 2009):
Denisa Please Come Back To Warbears, I Miss You =[
Amey Brancacane (24 Sep 2009):
I miss you! Hurry with the update so you can come back =[ :pray: :3 Love Amey =]
Rox Anderson (31 Jul 2009):
Hey ^_^ ,, It feels like i havent spoke to you in years :( I miss you!!! Please come backk !! :uhoh: <3 Rox <3
Dragonaxe Anderson (29 Jul 2009):
hey denisa how r u?I like your avatar anyway
Amey Brancacane (17 Jun 2009):
I miss you, I haven't spoken to you in a very, VERY long time D= Hopefully I'll see you soon :pray: :)
Kiwi Panzerotten (23 May 2009):
hi :D :D
Amey Brancacane (13 Apr 2009):
Hello Denisa! Best friend! You Rock! Bye x Ameyy x :-.=
Analies Anderson (21 Feb 2009):
Hi [b:db9d76d654][color=red:db9d76d654]SIS![/color:db9d76d654][/b:db9d76d654]..You are the very best sis I have in warbears!!You are there if I have problems and you support me on everything!!Thanks! :3
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