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Golden House

Real name: Emanuel
Current location: Brazil
Birthday: 8 Aug 1998
Age: 25
I like cars
Credits: 193
Award Points: 2'910
Citizen days: 5'054
Joined: 6 Feb 2010
Last Visit: 4 Jan 2022
Total Forum Posts: 100
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Sparkles Lebowski (13 Aug 2010):
Golden is mine everyone i love ya and your the best and <3333333 I wanna say Yes and go out but you know why :( :3 :uhoh: :-.= ](*,)
Zane Lebowski (25 Jul 2010):
Golden is a coolios friend.... He is awesome.... If you know him.... <3 Zane
Elizzabeth Anderson (22 Jul 2010):
Why does this money have the monoply guy on it?
Elizzabeth Anderson (22 Jul 2010):
Lol, im sorry but...I gave your money to my pet spider monkey to keep safe and he wont give it back! Lol p.s Can i borrow some money?
Toad Burritos (10 Mar 2010):
U r my shun shine my Golden sun shine u make me happy when skys r gray... watz crakin Golden! :gringrin:
Vroon Simpson (2 Mar 2010):
OMGSH RUN ITS A FROG :shock: - Ribbit. Toodles. :'D
Mr Simpson (2 Mar 2010):
Lal. Ur teh funzors.
Susanna Harlan (1 Mar 2010):
Hai. i gives you army of ninjas. :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:
Malori Giffuri (26 Feb 2010):
Your soooooo nice and kewl dude! I love hanging out with u! U make me laugh all the time! :D
Pepper Brancacane (18 Feb 2010):
A deal is a deal... I guess :-k .... #-o Anyway, you're cool. Sooo uhhmmm I hope you enjoy your comment! [quote:66b3ea6a73="Ioji Desu"]omfgsh hi omg ur kewl[/quote:66b3ea6a73]
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