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Muffer Burritos

Real name: Chansey
Current location: Google Earth
Birthday: 1 Jan 1970
Age: 2024
Credits: 2'228
Award Points: 11'730
Citizen days: 5'511
Joined: 21 Jan 2009
Last Visit: 20 Apr 2021
Total Forum Posts: 3
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Cynthia Panzerotten (14 Jan 2013):
better freaking message me when youre back.
Brent Calothycos (26 Jul 2012):
Randy told me to come back, soo... Here I am.
Faithy Anderson (14 May 2012):
Marshall Brancacane (21 Apr 2012):
Muffy! <3
Katz Giffuri (24 Mar 2012):
COTD Nice ;)
Bloom Brancacane (24 Mar 2012):
You got CoTD today. congrats! =)
Warren Smith (24 Mar 2012):
Congrats on being the Citizen of the Day
Smile House (22 Jan 2012):
Awwh 3 years ago you joined warbears. Well i am so happy you joined and that i still get to see you around at times. I miss you Muffer and hope to see you soon. I miss you alot. Just mail me or comment on my page if you want to. Well take care of yourself.
Love, Smile
Smile House (11 Jan 2012):
I love you Muff <3....
Randy Risotto (7 Jan 2012):
First comment of 2012!!! :D Oh and also *glares* and no more weird emoticons, please!!! :O
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