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Maryjane Totoro

Real name: Maryjane
Current location: Texas
I am an artist
Credits: 1'758
Award Points: 5'060
Citizen days: 5'459
Joined: 14 Mar 2009
Last Visit: 26 Oct 2018
Total Forum Posts: 66
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Jurgen Smith (23 Jun 2017):
Jurgen Smith (23 Jun 2017):
Marshall Brancacane (12 Jun 2017):
Zual Svoltaire (1 Sep 2016):
I'm waiting for the site to come back to normal too lol! I'm mostly on facebook if you'd like to add me. I'm mostly on there to share and read memes XD!
Maryjane Totoro (1 Sep 2016):
I mean to be honest it isn't much of my cup of tea now, but it'd be nice to talk to those who I talked to so many times years ago.
TILL THEN , internet friends !
Maryjane Totoro (1 Sep 2016):
Crazy that we all grew up on warbears and I'm the only one still hanging onto it by a thread. hopefully soon , we have some sort of warbears back. I wonder if anyone will read this . :C
Zual Svoltaire (8 Oct 2014):
Hiya MJ, Long time no see! I miss you too! If you wanted to add me on Facebook, Let me know! I'll PM you my page!
Maryjane Totoro (23 Sep 2014):
follow me on instagram anyone? i hardely check this website figuring it might take a while , mjaycx .
Sparkles Lebowski (11 Sep 2014):
I miss my Maryjane <3
Sparkles Lebowski (6 Sep 2013):
Hey I miss you <3
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