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Jonathon Smith

Real name: Melvin
Current location: Dundee,Scotland
Birthday: 25 May 1995
Age: 29
Credits: 1'103
Award Points: 15'560
Citizen days: 6'141
Joined: 30 Sep 2007
Last Visit: 19 Apr 2019
Total Forum Posts: 653
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Maryjane Totoro (8 Jun 2017):
wowewow , You're the best. <3 I love ya you hot lumberjack.
Maryjane Totoro (8 Jun 2017):
wowewow , You're the best. <3 I love ya you hot lumberjack.
Sewage Anderson (3 Jun 2017):
This just in!

Grape soda sales fall 900%!!!

The horror!
Liam Calothycos (4 Sep 2011):
It's been a while, hasn't it? We should catch up soon.
Sparkles Lebowski (20 Jun 2011):
Jon,Your my lover buddy,I love youu(; Your sweet but you can be a jerk when you wanna be but you can be amazing and awesome and sweet and caring when you wanna be.(: I love you buddy :3 ^_^ *Snuggles*
Daredevil Anderson (26 Dec 2010):
Merry Christmas. :ninja: ~Comment Ninja
Hannahann Giffuri (21 Feb 2010):
Hey Stranger, Long time no see huh? Well I wanted to tell you that I missing hanging out with my best guy friend. Since he is too busy for Warbears. ( Same here, too much cello, homework well that High School). So I hope to see you soon on wbs? There a-lot I need to tell you. Like I saw Silly, She want me to tell you hello and Kathern and I are getting along. So See you soon. Always your friend, Hannahann
Hannahann Giffuri (28 Dec 2009):
Hey Jon, you an awesome friend. I hope we can see each other on btc more but that summertime for lol. Bye! Always your friend, Hannahann
Hannahann Giffuri (23 Jun 2009):
Hello Jon, Or Major Smith Sir. Thanks for being an awesome friend when i didn't have my best days and being there for sky,kath and me. your are the Best in the world, Always your friend, Hannahann
Walt Anderson (29 Mar 2009):
Hey General! :)
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