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Oliver Lebowski
Team Member

Real name: Oliver
Current location: Disneyland. Really.
Birthday: 1 Jan 1970
Age: 131
Oliver is the Time Lord pilot of Serenity from Pawnee, Indiana, who also happens to be an otter.
Credits: 28'041
Award Points: 14'230
Citizen days: 5'801
Joined: 23 Jul 2007
Last Visit: 9 Oct 2018
Total Forum Posts: 19
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Yummytummy Burritos (12 Sep 2012):
WWJD? = What would Jean Ralphio do? :P

Yummytummy Burritos (9 Sep 2012):
Omg and all the ones you made on Row's wall <3

(sorry for taking up 2 comments :P)
Yummytummy Burritos (9 Sep 2012):
Oh god after watching Parks and Rec I get all these comments Row has made haha!
Zual Svoltaire (27 Jul 2012):
Happy COTD Olive Gardens <3
Niall Calothycos (27 Jul 2012):
Way to not log on yet for your CotD
Tango Totoro (27 Jul 2012):
Happy COTD :]
Zual Svoltaire (3 Jan 2012):
I love olives on my pizza :3
Rowena Svoltaire (15 Sep 2011):
Today cooking with a friend:
'Hey can you cut up all the bacon? Wait, you heard can you cut up a LOT of bacon, I said CUT UP ALL THE BACON WE HAVE'
Rowena Svoltaire (14 Sep 2011):
I don't want to be overdramatic, but today felt like a hundred years in hell and the absolute worst day of my life
Rowena Svoltaire (11 Sep 2011):
Chimpanzees are very smart so we had them graduate from college. They like to throw their faeces so we were hoping they would throw their hats. But they just threw their faeces
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