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Hacked by Smile :D I love this girl. Haha she's my best friend and wifey. Meow~ nough said
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Kennyyy Brancacane (18 Nov 2017):
Klaudiamika Anderson (15 Mar 2017):
I miss you wifey for lifey!!!!
Maryjane Totoro (23 Sep 2014):
I miss you too doll (: <3
Kennyyy Brancacane (20 Jun 2014):
They are moving slow :( but its alright
Faithy Anderson (15 Feb 2014):
I miss you too!!
Kennyyy Brancacane (28 Jan 2014):
sparkles :D :D :D hopefully warbear up soon I miss you :/
Katz Giffuri (8 Sep 2013):
You so cheerful I swear.


A good one too.

The one that gets eaten.

ily. (I Love Yogurt. <3)
Maryjane Totoro (28 Aug 2013):
I miss youuuuu
Kennyyy Brancacane (30 Jun 2011):
havnt talked in a while :|
Cookiemonster Harlan (14 Jun 2011):
Sparkles, I thought you needed a comment from you favorite. ( :3 Thats me.) What may I say about you, Well. 1. You are a TRIPLE DIPER Friend:P 2. You are way more awesomer than me, (Not because your older, nor played longer on here :D) 3. I am also super duper glad I have met you! 4. We have LOTS in common (Very Scary) :shock: 5. We are long lost sisters, and nothing with tells us we aren't :3 6. We are twinies, :3. 7. That I love you, too, Twinie. <3 Its my first comment, and I'm glad I'm giving it to you. ^_^ You are super lucky, you have my comment, I dont think I would've put comments often though, :3 I love you. From your long lost Twinie. :D <3 Cookie. (P.S. Just wanted to say Hi. Never got to say that. :3)
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