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Liam Calothycos

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Credits: 592
Award Points: 11'420
Citizen days: 6'199
Joined: 31 Jul 2007
Last Visit: 13 Feb 2015
Total Forum Posts: 305
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Nath Simpson (19 Jan 2009):
your the best friend 100,000,00 pixals can have
Omega Totoro (15 Dec 2008):
Hi liam and his pets
Mily Anderson (14 Nov 2008):
u rock :D :D
MMM.... LIMA BEAN!!! ( DONT EAT ME!!! ) ... TIME 4 PAYBACK!!! [-X :angry: :ninja:
Kitana House (9 Sep 2008):
hi how are you liam? :-k i got a bf now lool! :)
Anita Mazinga (9 Aug 2008):
ur the best
Drpepper Simpson (23 Jul 2008):
Good luck on be retarded #-o i mean Retired! :3
Jonathon Smith (21 Jun 2008):
liam,lia,liaaaammmm. how vaction ha ha ha.i had to move back to red u will see for urself when u come back.OH send me pics. iwant to see what ur vaction was like. :D :D
Dorkzilla Totoro (14 May 2008):
Owh Mhy Ghawsh! Hola senorita xD lol hi liammm wheres mily D:? PS Why does tymarks keep bragging that mily is his girlfriend and keep saying weres <- weres?! mily . o_O Ur ol' pal ~Tentai/Ryanz =]
Dorkzilla Totoro (7 May 2008):
Dude..liam .. chill out from yesterday!AND WHERE ARE YOU ?? Ps . Why were you crying and freaking out like a fool .. thats just stupid liam .. stupid . DUDE POST NOW
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