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Bam Anderson

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Credits: 335
Award Points: 3'550
Citizen days: 6'030
Joined: 12 Dec 2007
Last Visit: 3 Jul 2009
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Matlee Giffuri (28 Oct 2008):
WaZ Up mR. BaM u CoOl BrO :D :D :D :D
Lavina Totoro (19 Sep 2008):
Hey andrew me ariana what up? =; [-X
Lavina Totoro (18 Sep 2008):
guess who? its me ariana! [-X
Jonjon Smith (28 Aug 2008):
hi adam it is me jonathan i wish you were on warbears brb :o
Avatar Giffuri (28 Aug 2008):
im the one who gave you the house yur old friend do you remember grade 2 when me and a another guy playing with you we were a gang you ran faster than the wind yur very old friend Andrew.................
Avatar Giffuri (17 Mar 2008):
it is jonathan i have a wii for wii :D !
Avatar Giffuri (25 Feb 2008):
hi ummmm lol :mrgreen: 8-[ :-k :shock: :? :-.=
Avatar Giffuri (22 Feb 2008):
adam where are u send me a message kay right now im at the park!!!! realy byezzzzzz
Avatar Giffuri (22 Feb 2008):
hay adam yur sooo cool bye i goda go to the bar bye!! daaa
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