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Frankelbert Lebowski
Translators Team
Real name:
Current location:
Credits: 3'176
Award Points: 12'340
Citizen days: 4'966
Joined: 22 Mar 2007
Last Visit: 7 Jul 2020
Total Forum Posts: 63
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Mince Burritos (19 Mar 2008):
Frankelbert is a good firend, he helped me out in my time of need... When I needed a URL posting up and I hadn't made 100 posts!
Cunfuddled Anderson (7 Dec 2007):
Bear Grylls knows where you sleep at night... He hiked there on foot from the Sahara Desert w/ nothing but a flint and a waterbottle... You have no chance...
Mochi Totoro (9 Oct 2007):
Ahaha nice profile!
Krunoth House (28 Aug 2007):
haha nice avvy you got there :P paradise!!! :mrgreen:
Samara Smith (21 Aug 2007):
Hawaii!!! :D
Easyname Totoro (1 Aug 2007):
Nice quizaboom score :P ...you memorized all the answers! D:< And nice glitch :D
Cunfuddled Anderson (22 Jul 2007):
I like Frank... I don't care what anyone else says behind his's back. (Ahem, Samara)
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