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Joined: 26 Apr 2007
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Daredevil Anderson (18 Aug 2008):
Just wanted to say hi..... Were are you now aday's? :ninja: :3 :clap: :D
Hotblonde Burritos (8 Jul 2008):
Hey! omg i havent seen u in forevr hopefully ill cya around sometime we got lots of catchin up to do :] much love . the most gangster foshizzle person u know :] [remeber our gangster talk ] haha -Allie Gee :]
Vyvian Risotto (9 Apr 2008):
You stole my Wiggler avatar! xD
Hotblonde Burritos (12 Nov 2007):
Hey babe... I miss u so much... WEN R U GONNA GET ON! lol mmkay well i hope i see you around MUAH!<3 Lots of Love.... Allie:)
Hotblonde Burritos (29 Oct 2007):
HEYY!!! Just stoppin by to say I love u!!! Get on soon... Allie<3
Hotblonde Burritos (24 Oct 2007):
HEYY! just thought i'd say hi! lol anyways love my avatar right? lol it fricken rocks!!! Love u babe.... Muah Muah... <3
Edgar House (28 Jun 2007):
Lol, hey dude. Like my avatar?
Dalila House (26 Jun 2007):
funny :P
Ayumi Giffuri (18 Jun 2007):
I love ya! ^_^ :gringrin: You are the best and easiest of my boi! O:)
Julia Panzerotten (12 Jun 2007):
hi so i guess were over??? you can have one kid and i'll hav the other. lol j/k no but im cereal, comment me.... ILY xoxo -J
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