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Hunter Risotto

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Credits: 25'750
Award Points: 20'580
Citizen days: 4'832
Joined: 17 Jan 2007
Last Visit: 21 Apr 2016
Total Forum Posts: 192
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Rhapsody Mazinga (30 Jul 2009):
Hey whats up :gringrin: .
Tango Totoro (19 Jul 2009):
Where have you been? We need to see more of you!
Captin Simpson (20 Dec 2008):
Great FAQ!
Drpepper Simpson (1 Dec 2008):
This is a guy who knows His Music :)
Odetth Burritos (29 May 2008):
Hahahah Stop blaming it on everything but yourself! Next thing we know it you will blame the poop no your shoulder. . . :gringrin:
Odetth Burritos (28 May 2008):
If I would have said no, would you have blamed the dark or apple? Or even maybe the cold?
Krunoth House (25 Sep 2007):
haha nice avatar :lol: :P
Cunfuddled Anderson (10 Sep 2007):
Do not question the Hawaii! It is all knowing, all powerful, and most importantly, alright.
Kayelin Smith (17 Aug 2007):
Hihi Hunter. I'm bored so I'm just messaging people. :D What's up?
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