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Jocelyn Carpenter

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Credits: 2'281
Award Points: 11'180
Citizen days: 5'415
Joined: 9 Sep 2007
Last Visit: 11 Jun 2013
Total Forum Posts: 11
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Tango Totoro (5 Sep 2011):
So.. you should come visit me in BTC!
Maroon Mazinga (7 Aug 2008):
:) JOCELYN. is so so so cool! she rocks! and she is so kind to me.. :P take care always. ! :D
Bjorn Harlan (14 Jul 2008):
Livi House (23 Feb 2008):
She's a great friend. Once in a while we get on each other's nerves, but we always work it out the next day or so. =]
Melinda Giffuri (20 Feb 2008):
Jocelyn is a great friend :wink: you can alway count on her....and not to mention her fabulous Sushi Bar--hey, gotta eat there sometime! Lol, peace :P !!
Garfield Simpson (8 Feb 2008):
Fun avvy! Now let's point and laugh at Trev! ... AGH! [color=green:54ad7f63a7]*runs off*[/color:54ad7f63a7]
Sabrina Harlan (21 Jan 2008):
Jocelyn Rocks :mrgreen: And her house rocks :) if you see her around then.......... say hi?
Krunoth House (15 Jan 2008):
it's joce! i'm still gonna kick 'em out of my house! :gringrin: 8)
Natalee Harlan (1 Jan 2008):
Jocelyn is one totally cool girl! She's an awesome friend and you're really lucky if you ever get to meet her!! ROCK ON FOR LIFE! PEACE=) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D <3
Nadine Simpson (1 Dec 2007):
You have got to check out her sushi bar!It is amazing and besides that she's a good friend. :mrgreen: =D> :mrgreen:
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