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Blackbear Smith

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Credits: 16'598
Award Points: 10'560
Citizen days: 5'610
Joined: 11 Apr 2007
Last Visit: 21 Nov 2008
Total Forum Posts: 1'517
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Belle Calothycos (26 Jun 2008):
Hi BB! Just wanted to say Thanks for the comment. You're a really nice guy. :) And not a bad game player either! :D I'm up to playing you anytime! :wink:
Candice Totoro (9 Dec 2007):
Super teddybear! :D we still havent had our picnic!!! lol stay super luv candice <3
Ibumi Totoro (8 Nov 2007):
Rawr. <3 I missed your weird ninja obsession. xD
Lunaraura Carpenter (15 Oct 2007):
hi sleepyhead!!!! hehe just kidding! :gringrin:
Pip Panzerotten (13 Oct 2007):
you got that avvy from mortal combat, didnt you, that god of thunder guy, quazzy moto or somefin... right?
Dill Simpson (5 Aug 2007):
ssswwwwwwwwweeeeeeetttttttt 8) i need ur adress
Lunaraura Carpenter (22 Jul 2007):
buzy writing posts?? lol i think u should get credits for writing that many posts.
Tamiko Anderson (26 Jun 2007):
hey!!! my first friend! see you around and thanks for always being so caring and kind :^o ^^
Lunaraura Carpenter (15 Jun 2007):
thats an awesome avatar!!! kinda looks like you..heh
Lunaraura Carpenter (1 Jun 2007):
hi funny nice person. :ninja:
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