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Freeze Calothycos (24 May 2009):
[quote:4552f504e6="Drogn Risotto"]"Gahahaha!" "..." "Finally someone I can believe in in btc *freeze looks at finnbob" Now Those are quotes to remember. :3 [/quote:4552f504e6] :gringrin:
Chaniii Mazinga (3 Mar 2009):
Hi.This is a comment.Treat it nice.With respect.And care for it.Don't forget to feet it.Change its nappies.Give it it's bottle and don't forget...that its youe 4th comment.
Walt Anderson (1 Feb 2009):
Woo Stalkers! :gringrin:
Freeze Calothycos (31 Jan 2009):
Gahaha, Mcr. Well, Drogn, at least [b:2ac942232f]YOU[/b:2ac942232f] believe in me in BTC. [color=green:2ac942232f]* Freeze looks at Finnbob.[/color:2ac942232f]
Mcrfreak Simpson (2 Jan 2009):
You've sent me TWO comments and I haven't sent you any. :O Oh, wait, I'm sending one now, anyway, thanks for the compliments, Drogn, you're awesome. POWERPUFF GIRLS FOREVER! Wait, did I just say that? Errrr.. Bye.
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