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Marshall Brancacane

Real name: Paul
Current location: Buried head-first in dirt.
Birthday: 1 Jan 1970
Age: 1098
After plodding down the riverside, one tip-toe after the other, I unhurriedly came to a halt. 'But why?' you ask? Well, here it is in full:

I was confronted by the most hideous of elves, for his ears not pointy and his teeth green! What a disgusting fellow.

It made me laugh. A great day, 'twas!
Credits: 6'747
Award Points: 12'100
Citizen days: 3'782
Joined: 22 Jul 2010
Last Visit: 8 Nov 2020
Total Forum Posts: 104
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Joyce Carpenter (14 May 2020):
You're wayyyy cooler
Knyh Risotto (6 Apr 2020):
you're 40 now
Tango Totoro (16 Feb 2020):
comment #39
Zane Lebowski (5 Feb 2020):
You have slayed me, sir.
You actually did a Latvian childrens song in my comments section, KUDOS TO YOU, SIR!
Zane Lebowski (2 Feb 2020):
Boy, you stunning, you rock my life.

Your drugs is my love~ oops.

I mean your love is my drug~

- Zabe at 5:30am, please give me a lullab, this is a call for help
Tango Totoro (29 Nov 2018):
You are too good for this world
Sewage Anderson (10 Oct 2018):
Sewage Anderson (10 Oct 2018):
Sewage Anderson (10 Oct 2018):
Sewage Anderson (10 Oct 2018):
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