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Drackias Carpenter

Real name: Drackias
Current location: Milky way Galaxy (not too precise)
Birthday: 20 Jun 1996
Age: 28
Describing myself isn't really my specialty, the only one who can judge me is you and only you...
Credits: 1'723
Award Points: 9'160
Citizen days: 4'432
Joined: 4 Jun 2012
Last Visit: 3 Feb 2014
Total Forum Posts: 1
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Cameron Nachos (25 Nov 2018):
Join the warbears discord https://discord.gg/WuwWrQ7
Drackias Carpenter (10 Jun 2013):
I see what you mean.
Cameron Nachos (6 Jun 2013):
He's trolling you as you look at that avi. Behind it is a medusa so you are stuck in a coating of stone staring at this, knowing you've been trolled.
Drackias Carpenter (22 May 2013):
Katz Giffuri (19 May 2013):
Dang, Look at that troll face!
Zac Nachos (3 Sep 2012):
Cameron Nachos (1 Sep 2012):
Drackias come back to BTC your so friendly and i miss you ;_;
*chorus*Drackias come home Drackias come hooome*chorus*
Drackias Carpenter (23 Jul 2012):
Thanx Pete :)
Pete Lasagna (22 Jul 2012):
Happy CoTD, Drack!
Bauaba Udon (22 Jul 2012):
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