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Benjy Totoro

Real name: Benjy with a J
Current location: Benjy in Wonderland
Birthday: 8 Oct 1997
Age: 26
Have you noticed, I always get confused about love?
Why have love when the Internet exists.
Credits: 817
Award Points: 6'190
Citizen days: 4'145
Joined: 3 Aug 2012
Last Visit: 10 Mar 2013
Total Forum Posts: 0
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Benjy Totoro (5 Feb 2013):
Been so long, oh Hi, Wolfy (Your new name from me) and you just made me have more comments.
Ironwolfman Smith (28 Dec 2012):
Ironwolfman Smith (28 Dec 2012):
Ironwolfman Smith (28 Dec 2012):
Ironwolfman Smith (28 Dec 2012):
Ironwolfman Smith (28 Dec 2012):
You have so little comments

Benjy Totoro (4 Dec 2012):
NOOOOOOOO, Warbears is close for whatever hwo long, NUUUU!
Benjy Totoro (5 Sep 2012):
So leaving Cyprus todat, D=, but i'll be coming backk home, HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL YEAH!
Benjy Totoro (24 Aug 2012):
Saying this from Cyprus, HELL YEAH!!!. Yeah so I'll be AFK for a while, hope you have fun, don't be sad, the birds need to leave the nest. Oh and Ellie that giraffe has its dignity, he'll be fine. So.... IT'S A TRAP, bye! =D
Ellie Cola (18 Aug 2012):
Your picture makes Ellie saaad:[ ALSO,FIRST COMMENT. WOO.
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