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Ninetynine Anderson

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Credits: 1'021
Award Points: 5'780
Citizen days: 5'824
Joined: 16 Mar 2008
Last Visit: 29 Jun 2022
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Tama House (2 Mar 2012):

I know you are gone for good and May never Come back, But you and Zual Svoltiare are the only two Great Friends I had On WarBears, My Heart is ALWAYS with you.

-Tama House
Hazal Burritos (13 Aug 2010):
hey 99, i miss you and the gang. we should all schedule like one day to just get online and chat for some time. :ninja:
Donutman Burritos (21 Aug 2008):
sup 99 hehe.
Truffles Giffuri (11 Jun 2008):
__xxxxxxxxxxx______xxxxxxxxxxx _xxxxxxxxxxxxxx___xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx _xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIxxxxxxxxxxxxxx __xxxxxxxxxxxxxLovexxxxxxxxxxxx ____xxxxxxxxxxxNinetyninexxxxxx _______xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx _________xxxxxxxxxxxxxx __________xxxxxxxxxx ____________xxxxxxx _____________xxxx _____________xxx _____________x lol luv ya! :D
Toast Svoltaire (14 May 2008):
hehehehehe hey 99 so howd ur wedding go? i had a dc rite on the i do'z......... ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)
Barto Totoro (19 Apr 2008):
hey dude, havent seen u in a while. :-k :-k :-k :-k When ur on let me now in a pm. ](*,) *_* O_o :stare: :gringrin: :ninja:
Truffles Giffuri (10 Apr 2008):
hey!!!, open up ur house man, gosh!!!!, trying 2 get in there!!! :shock: :D
Truffles Giffuri (6 Apr 2008):
ninetynine, plz. i didnt die. let me bak into ur house. plz. my heartbeat came back. plz, dont b dead! :cry:
Truffles Giffuri (5 Apr 2008):
plz!!! dont b dead!!! i lived!!! plz answer or come online!!!! plz!!!!!!! :cry:
Truffles Giffuri (1 Apr 2008):
yo meet me at guest room at 8:30
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