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Leah Calothycos

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Credits: 735
Award Points: 2'000
Citizen days: 5'945
Joined: 13 Jan 2008
Last Visit: 20 Feb 2009
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Grey Brancacane (27 Nov 2008):
OH Yeah, Happy Thanks Giving, $Kachink$ turkey + Shotgun = turkgun!! YAY!! :clap: :clap: ^_^ , Peace dawg, or gal, or....oh i give up!
Grey Brancacane (27 Nov 2008):
Heyy buddy wat up? listen to ROCK< IT WILL GIVE U ENERGY, plus its better then redbull, BAAHAHAH, u 1 of the coolest peeps i know, catch u L8, homie! $PEACE$
Najeeba Anderson (26 Nov 2008):
wat are u and ur bf doing lol
Grey Brancacane (26 Nov 2008):
Im sorry i been really messed up lately, but u know me, that how i roll :wink: , heyy, but your the best friend i ever met and made! :clap: :clap: !! lol, your like perfect for any guy that crosses your path, your the most beautiful out of all, you have an attitude that will bring anyone happy and smily and your personaly is just GREAT! ^_^ ^_^ Im happy to be AWESOME FRIENDS!!! hope we always be :wink: Luvs, Grey :oops: :3
Biosoldier Smith (24 Nov 2008):
your just awesome and i love you so much I love you
Finch Svoltaire (12 Nov 2008):
your the frikin best!!!! ♥ u!
Finch Svoltaire (12 Nov 2008):
your the frikin best!!!! ♥ u!
Jersey Totoro (8 Nov 2008):
hai hai hai leah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im bored. [color=green:52362b1a13]*Jersey eats a skittle yummm.[/color:52362b1a13]
Matlee Giffuri (25 Oct 2008):
leah u are a great frenid :D :clap:
Emokid Simpson (21 Jul 2008):
i like tacos
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