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Herobrine House

Real name: herobrine
Current location: minecraft
my roleplaying name is flomps 8D <-- a emoticon
Credits: 3'994
Award Points: 3'650
Citizen days: 3'517
Joined: 2 Oct 2011
Last Visit: 21 Nov 2011
Total Forum Posts: 1
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Herobrine House (10 Nov 2011):
he is sirlancealot
Traktor Totoro (10 Nov 2011):
who is your bro?
Herobrine House (9 Nov 2011):
thanks traktor ;) i am fine in real life i have been doing good and those were the past but i am still playing i am just wanting my bro back in btc he got banned permanently i want to make a war group when i have time so thanks for stopping by on my wall traktor
Traktor Totoro (9 Nov 2011):
Hi! Herobrine, I know hoe do you fell, same with, but don't worry it will be better.
Herobrine House (24 Oct 2011):
i dont feel like playing this game anymore
Herobrine House (10 Oct 2011):
say those 3 words that will make my day
Herobrine House (10 Oct 2011):
i need someone to cheer me up
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