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Coronel Smith

Real name: The JonesMan
Current location: Space
Birthday: 14 Mar 2000
Age: 19
Credits: 782
Award Points: 7'090
Citizen days: 3'061
Joined: 5 Sep 2011
Last Visit: 17 Oct 2017
Total Forum Posts: 1
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Chartees Svoltaire (20 Aug 2013):
Hello!I am here to bring the news of the end of the BTC agency.Thanks to the rotten puppetmaster who killed him in August 15,2013 in his office.We believe time of death to be between 6:00 and 8:00.

FFT Forces now occupy Bed Time City.

-FFT Leader
Chartees Svoltaire (9 May 2013):
The BTC agency releases you.
Chartees Svoltaire (30 Mar 2013):
You are arrested by 2 agents who have BTC agency suits but have M agency badges.
Chartees Svoltaire (27 Mar 2013):
BTC agency door is locked
Chartees Svoltaire (13 Mar 2013):
Going through system Coronel standby...
Access complete.Use these clues to Assemble distress messages around BTC:
There's Stingoo,He has the fake chartee-Bzzt!-Calling undercover agent now.Agent,hack into BTC agency files, and captur-Bzzt-Agent Ghost and Hero by March 27,2013.-Bzzzzt-And assasinat
Coronel Smith (4 Mar 2013):
well that migth be good i will need to talk to some of my commanders and my advisor will inform you later
Chartees Svoltaire (16 Feb 2013):
I have been rescued by Stingoo!
By the way,thank's for your help.Hero told me what your empire did.I ask for alliance between our agencies/empires/organizations.
-Director Chartees
Chartees Svoltaire (8 Feb 2013):
Happy valentines
Chartees Svoltaire (27 Jan 2013):
Transmission from uknown area by ???:
If you are hearing this it means that I,Director Chartees am still alive and somewhere in eastern Europe and western asia and are moving east towards somewhere in North america meaning we are going far from BTC.My captors are wearing masks-I've been seen bett-.
Stingooo Totoro (25 Jan 2013):
*Scanning system*

Greetings old friend, as you know, BTC has been closed and I am here in Alaska just 2500 miles away from BTC, or make that 25000, well, Director Chartees is setting you up and is going to try and kill globus, oh damn! SYSTEM HACK! IT'S CHAR-

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